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How do I maintain my synthetic turf?

Maintaining synthetic grass is almost too easy! You will save plenty of time and money by not having to mow, fertilize, or heavily water your lawn to have a lush green yard. You can use a rake or leaf blower to clear off fallen leaves, branches, and other rotting debris that may land on top of their artificial grass. This will help your grass maintain a clean and groomed look. Gently spray down your lawn each week with a hose to remove dust, dirt, or pollen. Occasionally watering your synthetic grass lawn also helps prevent unequal distributions of infill.

How much does synthetic turf cost?

You will be able to get back your initial investment soon because you will be able to save money on your water bill. You will also be able to save money on maintenance costs. The average lifecycle costs of a natural grass field over a 20 year period are 15 percent higher than artificial turf. Plus with state wide water saving rebates, your project cost is even lower!

I have pets. How will synthetic turf affect them?

Artificial grass is safe for pets and cleaning up their solid waste is just as easy as on real grass. So plastic bags and pooper scoopers work just fine! Following pickup, hose down the target area. In addition, weekly rinsing will help your lawn smell fresh and odor free. There are also specially designed products to help eliminate any unpleasant odors caused by pets.